In harmony and collaborative support with its regional and international partners, the mission of Export Outaouais is to boost exports ventures of companies throughout the Outaouais Region by helping them develop, consolidate or diversify their markets outside the Province of Quebec and on an international scale.

Our role is to…


As an entrepreneur, you juggle with an already high level of complexity. Developing international markets and exporting your products and services will make things even more complex. Dozens of assistance programs are available in Canada and Quebec to help you navigate through your international development ventures. Our role is to streamline or simplify your life by directing you to the right supports, the spot-on program, the reliable person, the exact timing, the appropriate place, almost anywhere in the world.


Developing new markets takes time and patience. It takes an average of one to three years to break into new markets. Through its international networks such as Expansion Québec, Export Québec, the Trade Commissioners Network of Canadian Embassies or Quebec International Trade (QIT), Export Outaouais acts as a multiplier effect on each of your actions and increases their effectiveness. You will no longer have to waste your time and money.


The Outaouais Region is fortunate to foster on its territory experienced Exporting Companies operating within dozens of countries. True standard-bearers of the Outaouais Region within foreign markets, these companies are a vital asset when it comes to having access to their networks and expertise. Our role is to facilitate and nurture these exchanges or connections between young Exporting Companies and experienced Exporters. You speak the same language and these exchanges or connections will be among the most beneficial in your diverse expansion projects.