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A trademark of quality and high-end finishes, Lauzon hardwood flooring is a proud Canadian manufacture founded in 1985 by David Lauzon that distributes internationally. This major economic player for the municipality of Papineauville employs today more than 550 people in six factories across Quebec.

David Jr Lauzon, the son of David Lauzon, who is now Sales Manager, points out that exporting can represents customs challenges. As a key sector of the Outaouais, it is true that the wood industry has experienced difficulties in recent years with the imposition of customs taxes and strong competition at the borders, especially in the United States. To surpass this challenge, Lauzon’s team had to bet on the reputation of their product as well as on strong and established corporate values, such as sustainable development.


Anxious to reduce its environmental footprint, Lauzon has adopted a rigorous environmental policy, in part thanks to zero waste actions. They thus recover all the wood residues in order to make it the main source of energy to power the dryers and heat the factories. They also have the capacity to transform their production residues into pellets for wood stoves intended for sale to consumers.

In addition, all processed wood, whether domestic or imported, comes from forests managed according to the strictest sustainable development practices. It is in this context of accelerating climate change that Lauzon has decided to position itself, outshining even more international competition.

Whether you live in Ontario, Asia, United States, Scandinavian countries or even in Mexico, you will find Lauzon hardwood floorings all over the world … and that, the Outaouais can be very proud of!

“Our flagship vision “From the forest to the floor”, focuses on comfort and lasting beauty and will continue to guide us over the years.”
– Founder – David Lauzon &
Sales Director – David Jr Lauzon

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