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Macadamian has been helping healthcare leaders to develop digital and integrated solutions for more than 20 years in order to contribute to the evolution of healthcare management. With offices in California, Romania and Armenia, Macadamian Technologies enjoys a reputation of excellence around the world. Mainly active in the United States, the company also has great ambitions for Europe.

Fred Boulanger, General Manager of Macadamian, is a visionary who constantly imagines the possibilities of modernizing health care to improve quality of life, reduce hospitalizations, reduce costs and simply help people stay healthy. In addition, Frederic and his team have an obsession: to take advantage of new technologies in order to have a considerable impact on the efficiency of large-scale health systems.


Macadamian is at the forefront of medical technology and offers unique digital expertise. For example, its Medtronic NIM nerve monitoring system helps surgeons prevent misuse that could decrease or even destroy nerve functions.

We are willing to bet that you probably didn’t know that so many innovative solutions come from our region, thanks to the dedicated employees of Macadamian Technologies and the brilliance of Frederic Boulanger. Another great Outaouais exporting company!

“Slow down to go faster. Remember, people understand what you are saying through their own filters, experiences and perceptions – not your own. The best way to get everyone in your business on the same page is to slow down and ask in-depth questions to clarify their understanding. Repeat this until you know you are all aligned and facing in the same direction. The buckle up, because your organization is now ready to go light speed! ”
– Frédéric Boulanger, General Manager, Macadamian Technologies Inc.

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